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Beatles Bootleg Sound File Sites

 Chi Chi's Cafe: Pick up some of the left-overs. 
 Erek's Lost Lennon Tapes: The remnants of Erek's once vast empire. 
 John Lennon: Acoustic Masterpieces: This has several Beatles and John outtakes in RealAudio. 
 Guilherme Lentz's Audio Files: What it says: ) 
 White Gold: A lot of great stuff from '68. 
 Rumour Mill: The Barn used to be here. I just can't bring myself to delete the link. 
 Rare Air: Some rare stuff, some not, some fake. Check it out. 
 Beatles Beatles Beatles: Has some streamimg RealAudio and RealVideo in about the middle of the page. 
 Special's Sound Page: A few RealAudio files. 
 Granny Smith's Audio Cupboard: Maybe it will come back? 
 The Lennon/Beatles Bootleg Grotto: RealAudio G2 songs. 
 Deadman Records: Some cool mp3's and stuff. 

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