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Want to know what's new to the page, or what state the page is in? Then stick around, because this is my "what's new" page.

8/29/04)- Took some time to weed out the dead links and consolidate what's left.

4/25/00)- Added a new batch of mp3's and a few links.

1/23/00)- Sorry it took so long to put these Parkinson mp3's up. The devil made me do it.

12/24/99)- Put up a Christmas batch of mp3's, added more links, and added a page on how to rename.

11/24/99)- Completed "The Dream Is Over" and put up a mini tribute to The White Album.

11/7/99)- More of "The Dream Is Over" is up and I updated the links.

10/11/99)- The half of "The Dream Is Over" is up in MP3 format, naturally.

9/21/99)- New MP3's, and plenty of them!

9/5/99)- Fixed some spelling errors in the links. Happy downloading!

9/4/99)- I finally got it right! Let's see how long these accounts last...

9/3/99)- Reposted the files on GeoCities.

8/11/99)- I decided not to give up on the page when many of my accounts were deleted and will instead rotate a new set of mp3's in every other week on Tuesdays. They will remain up for 4 weeks. The Paul McCartney tracks from the out-of-print "Concerts For the People Of Kampuchea" LP are up. I did a lot of reworking on the design of the page and added a few links.

6/2/99)- 2 new mp3's and a longer disclaimer.

5/15/99)- Reposted "(Just Like) Starting Over." Added 2 new mp3's.

4/10/99)- Reposted those 4 new mp3's along with 2 brand new others.

4/1/99)- Added 4 new mp3's.

3/19/99)- Updated the look a bit.

2/25/99)- Happy B-Day George! Added 1 mp3 and 3 links.

2/19/99)- Added "(Just Like) Starting Over."

2/5/99)- Added 3 mp3's.

1/15/99)- Added 2 mp3's and updated the links.

12/31/98)- Fixed links to all that needed fixing and I reposted "Cold Turkey."

12/18/98)- Added 2 mp3's and added to the disclaimer.

12/8/98)- Added "My Mummy's Dead."

12/4/98)- Redid "She's a Woman" and added "What's the New Mary Jane?"

11/28/98)- Added 2 links.

11/19/98)- Added the 2 Atlanta tracks, redid "Back Off Boogaloo" in stereo, redid "Gone, Gone, Gone," redid "She's a Friend of Dorothy."

11/10/98)- Added the 1964 N.M.E. concert.

11/9/98)- Finished redoing it, redid "Las Vegas Tune" and "Wake Up In the Morning," added 2 new mp3's

11/8/98)- Continued redoing it.

11/6/98)- Discovered my page was really ugly so I started redoing it.

10/29/98)- Re-worked a link.

10/25/98)- Re-worked a link.

10/21/98)- Added "Back Off Boogaloo." Donated "The Complete Rooftop Concert" to Beatles Bootlegs.

10/15/98)- Added the "Link Me!" page.

10/12/98)- Added one link and re-worked another.

10/9/98)- Happy B-day John, wherever you are... added 5 new MP3's, redid one, and added a link.

10/3/98)- Added the "Quicktime Movies" section.

9/27/98)- Added two MP3's.

9/24/98)- Added two links and "Yvonne."

9/22/98)- Added "Step Inside Love" in MP3.

9/16/98)- Re-worked one of the links and added more information to the MP3 page.

9/13/98)- Finished giving the page a make-over.

9/12/98)- Well, this part of the page is new. I also did a little remodeling.

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